Research Works

Robust Reinforcement Learning via Adversarial Kernel Approximation
Kaixin Wang*, Uri Gadot*, Navdeep Kumar, Kfir Levy, Shie Mannor
arXiv 2023
PPG Reloaded: An Empirical Study on What Matters in Phasic Policy Gradient
Kaixin Wang, Daquan Zhou, Jiashi Feng, Shie Mannor
ICML 2023
Reachability-Aware Laplacian Representation in Reinforcement Learning
Kaixin Wang*, Kuangqi Zhou*, Jiashi Feng, Bryan Hooi, Xinchao Wang
ICML 2023
Revisiting Intrinsic Reward for Exploration in Procedurally Generated Environments
Kaixin Wang, Kuangqi Zhou, Bingyi Kang, Jiashi Feng, Shuicheng Yan
ICLR 2023
An Efficient Solution to s-Rectangular Robust Markov Decision Processes
Navdeep Kumar, Kfir Levy, Kaixin Wang, Shie Mannor
arXiv 2023
Jointly Modelling Uncertainty and Diversity for Active Molecular Property Prediction
Kuangqi Zhou, Kaixin Wang, Jian Tang, Jiashi Feng, Bryan Hooi, Peilin Zhao, Tingyang Xu, Xinchao Wang
LoG 2022
Relational Reasoning via Set Transformers: Provable Efficiency and Applications to MARL
Fengzhuo Zhang, Boyi Liu, Kaixin Wang, Vincent Y. F. Tan, Zhuoran Yang, Zhaoran Wang
NeurIPS 2022
Tyger: Task-Type-Generic Active Learning for Molecular Property Prediction
Kuangqi Zhou, Kaixin Wang, Jiashi Feng, Jian Tang, Tingyang Xu, Xinchao Wang
arXiv 2022
Policy Gradient for Reinforcement Learning with General Utilities
Navdeep Kumar, Kaixin Wang, Kfir Levy, Shie Mannor
RLDM 2022
The Geometry of Robust Value Functions
Kaixin Wang, Navdeep Kumar, Kuangqi Zhou, Bryan Hooi, Jiashi Feng, Shie Mannor
ICML 2022
arXiv  /  presentation
Understanding and Resolving Performance Degradation in Graph Convolutional Networks
Kuangqi Zhou*, Yanfei Dong*, Kaixin Wang, Wee Sun Lee, Bryan Hooi, Huan Xu, Jiashi Feng
CIKM 2021
arXiv  /  code  /  presentation
Towards Better Laplacian Representation in Reinforcement Learning with Generalized Graph Drawing
Kaixin Wang*, Kuangqi Zhou*, Qixin Zhang, Jie Shao, Bryan Hooi, Jiashi Feng
ICML 2021
arXiv  /  code (coming soon)  /  presentation
Improving Generalization in Reinforcement Learning with Mixture Regularization
Kaixin Wang, Bingyi Kang, Jie Shao, Jiashi Feng
NeurIPS 2020
arXiv  /  code  /  site  /  presentation
Neural Epitome Search for Architecture-Agnostic Network Compression
Daquan Zhou, Xiaojie Jin, Qibin Hou, Kaixin Wang, Jianchao Yang, Jiashi Feng
ICLR 2020
arXiv  /  code  /  presentation
PANet: Few-Shot Image Semantic Segmentation with Prototype Alignment
Kaixin Wang, Jun Hao Liew, Yingtian Zou, Daquan Zhou, Jiashi Feng
ICCV 2019
arXiv  /  code  /  presentation